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    Well, I suspect the answer we would give is obvious – but this morning’s news item in the G makes interesting reading:



    No they shouldn’t be banned. How would you expect building materials to be transported to construction sites, or deliveries to be made to supermarkets, or mail to be transported?

    I don’t know what percentage of road trips are made by cyclists, but whatever that percentage is, they are involved in 100% of London’s cycling deaths.

    Yes that guy was quite rightly convicted of killing the poor cyclist, but he was drunk and on a mobile phone, and further analysis shows that the victim was sitting next to the lorry at the traffic light for something like 29 seconds.

    I refer you to the guideilnes printed on the handlebars of every boris bike about being careful and looking out for lorries turning left.

    When I am riding a bike, I know better than to sit in the blind spot of a lorry at traffic lights for 29 seconds. Just stay behind it, or if there’s room on the right, get ahead. If the lights change while you’re trying to pass the lorry, don’t try and be a hero and out pedal it. Just stop, let it go and carry on.

    Common sense is unfortunately not as common as one might think :(



    Yup. Ban ‘em apart from certain times of day. Not just for cyclists but for pretty much everyone in the city that isn’t a HGV.



    It’s very sad. Just don’t ever cycle near those damn things, is what I always tell myself.



    Watch out for those blind spots when it comes to HGVs!



    Why can’t they just introduce kerbed cycle lanes and advanced stop lines at main junctions? Or would this not solve the problem.



    Replying to @gingerjon‘s post:

    What special times of the day do you propose to not ban them, bearing in mind they are already not allowed between 11pm and 7am for the most part.



    They should at least be limited to select roads. I saw one coming (the wrong way) down the tiniest one-way street the other day. Even though he was in the wrong, I wasn’t about to take him on. His wheels were rubbing against the kerb on both sides.



    Replying to @k.emily’s post:

    He was probably there by mistake. Lorry drivers tend not to drive onto roads where their lorry will get stuck anyway. There are lorry versions of navigation software that avoid small roads too. There are already width restrictions in place on some roads to stop them driving where they shouldn’t be.



    Cycling along the other day I was aware of an HGV approaching behind but hanging back. Then, this loud beeping started and a stern matron-like female voice warned loudly “Caution, this vehicle is turning left”.

    Never heard this before, but I think it’s perfect for London. A truck sat at lights with that blaring out – how many cyclists would attempt an undertake then?

    More here



    The turning left warning could get pretty annoying though, if it comes on with the indicators for example, or if loads of trucks have it fitted… Nice idea though.

    I still think cyclists in general need to take better care of themselves instead of assuming everyone else will change their habits to accommodate them.



    Ideally they would be banned from the city centre and built up zones. However, I would also support restricted routes (read wide roads) and restricted hours of operation.

    I find it interesting that the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine was the one to instigate the HGV ban. I used to be a member of the LCC but felt that action regarding key issues, primarily HGVs, was lacking for quite some time. Therefore, I am happy that others are taking proactive action towards a solution.

    It is a tragedy the deaths that have resulted over what could have been very easily resolved issues, in built up places these vehicles are not suitable. This definitely applies to congested London.



    Perhaps HGVs should only be allowed inside the congestion zone out of commuter hours? 7-9 and 5-7?

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