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    Hi all

    I’m really new to the Boris Bike scheme. I was wondering why do perfectly good looking bikes turn from amber to red half way through typing the keycode? Why are set some bikes set to red when they’re docked?





    If you detect a fault with a cycle whilst hiring you have the opportunity when subsequently docking the bike to “red light” it by pressing the symbol above the five digit release code pad. This identifies to Serco HQ, the organisation running the scheme, that the bike requires attention (EG: flat tyre, lights not working, brake problems etc) and cannot be subsequently hired until the fault is rectified.
    As I understand it, if you have entered 5 digits the light flashes amber to validate the code– but if it is incorrectly entered  it will go red.
    Additionally it’s important to always get a green light when docking in order to finalise the transaction. Some users fail to do this properly and whilst you may key in the code correctly and the amber light flashes, it will subsequently turn red as the system thinks the bike is still on rent.
    It’s also worth remembering that the release code pad is touch sensitive.  Many of the numbers will look defaced as some users who do not realise this and think it has not registered, press the buttons again or extra hard or use a pen.  This defaces them and sometimes they do not work and no light will display.  Entering the code incorrectly always results in a red light.
    Enjoy your cycling

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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