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    I’m a relatively new Boris bike user, only a few months only but I’ve already had an altercation with a black cab driver.  I’m sure a similar situation has happened many times for all cyclists when a cab driver pulls over to pick up a passenger without looking.Happened to me on London Wall yesterday; cab driver overtakes me then pulls over to pick up a passenger, I brake hard, skid, swerve into the gutter and just manage to avoid hitting his bumper.  Upon complaining about his driving I am told in no uncertain terms – in his own words -  ” Cant you see I’m picking up a fare, now fuck off, just fuck off”

    I got his number, but is there any use in reporting him ?




    Send them in Holland for a training!

    Or take their pictures and tumblr them ;-)

    Can’t think reporting would harm -the hackney office is quite strict.



    You could report them to the Met’s roadsafe team:

    They followed up when I reported a pickup that cut me up and swerved towards me.

    To be fair I find most cabbies aren’t bad.  Adison Lee however….



    I didn’t bother reporting him in the end, my anger had worn off the next day. I would have excused him had he said he was sorry, but now my opinion of black cab drivers is much lower.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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