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    I’ve been off work with pneumonia since mid-November, returning to work on the 2nd January, and using my BB key on that day for the first time since… well I don’t know when exactly, because before I was ill it was raining most days.

    I joined the BB scheme on late November 2011 and paid my annual £45 fee then. I’ve just been charged £90 however, because there was a 2-month period in which I didn’t use my key – in other words, they waited until I used the key again on the first day of the new charges to hit me with the doubled charge.

    That’s not right, is it? Shouldn’t the direct debit have been taken from me on the anniversary of my joining – i.e. late Nov 2012?

    If it was a fiver I wouldn’t worry, but this is £45 we’re talking about. Does the small print allow this?




    Posted by Bimbles

    Ignoring the price change for a moment, think about how the renewal process has worked:
    You paid for a year’s membership from Nov 2011, to Nov 2012. You’ve selected the option to renew. Probably trying to be “helpful”, it looks like the renewal process has been designed so that instead of auto-renewing in November (and you then wasting a couple of months’ worth of membership), it waits until you actually use the scheme again & then starts the new 12 month membership from there. If you’d taken out a bike on the 1st Jan you’d have been charged £45. I think the weekly membership works this way too.

    I think it’s just a case of unfortunate timing. You could contact them and argue the toss, but I wouldn’t hold out too much hope of getting a reduction.

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    It turns out that sense prevailed. I’ve had a phone call today, an apology, and £45 is being refunded to me.

    I guess this thread should be transferred from the “hate” to the “love” forum :-)




    Great result!



    Ah, belay that – I’ve now had an email from the Billing Department who say that “Having investigated the issues you raised I regret that your request does not meet the criteria defined within our Refund Policy and has been declined.”

    Despite having had a telephone call last week, an apology, and a promise that I would get my £45 back. I’ve just spoken to the billing department and they are adamant that they have no record of the telephone call, and they won’t refund my £45. (Even though my account says that I have overpaid by that amount.)

    What a shower! Back to the “hate” thread.


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