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    I am a occasional user of the Boris bikes and find them really quite handy. However, last week I used one as normal and used the Barclays IOS App to check spaces available near my destination. It said there were three so I proceeded to the bike bay only to find it was full and the app, which had just updated itself, still said three free spaces!

    So I took the bike into my office and kept it there for 1 hour 37 minutes for which I was charged £6 over and above the £2 daily fee. So I called to request a refund as the App didn’t give the correct information.

    After using the number given in the BarclaysBike App to call them they said the App (which is made by Barlcays for the Barclays Bike scheme and gives their contact details) is nothing to do with them.

    So I could have got a Taxi to my meeting and walked back for £8, which is what I will be doing in the future.

    Totally unreasonable.



    Barclays just benefit from the very cheap sponsorship deal, the data will be provided and maintained by Serco and/or TfL. They are wise to this stuff, and therefore that information will be provided as is with no guarantee, and they are legally protected.

    Sorry to hear about your ordeal, take it as a (pretty cheap) lesson learnt. Imagine if that meeting had been for your job interview.



    Sorry to hear. It sucks how they out-source the app to a third-party provider. They usually do this to cover their tracks in possible events like this.



    I have a recent issue which I’d welcome any thoughts/ideas on.

    I undocked a bike on a weekday evening which happened to have a flat tyre – I noticed it immediately and tried to redock it, but it would not dock in. I tried several times to no avail. So I called the helpline immediately, however it was closed (being nearly 9pm) and the emergency line automated message said only to call it if road accident or such, and they would not help with account enquiry. Left with no choice I placed the cycle into the dock as much as I could and left it overnight. I also rotated the saddle 180 degrees to indicate that it was out of order.

    I called immediately the next morning – the guy was quite helpful said he is recording incident and that if im close to the bike, go back and lift it completely off the ground and try (that the flat tyre would make it tough to go into the dock otherwise). I walked back to the bike and this worked. Again I called and said I’ve done this now, and thanks for their help – the call centre said it would have a charge, but that I could apply for a refund – which I did. However, today the refund has come back declined.

    Of course I am extremely upset at this – as much as one can blame personal responsibility, from my perspective, I did everything in my power to return that faulty bike including making calls every step of the way. I’ve been using boris bikes for 2 years or so, without any fines or issues, but this has really left a sour taste. I’m definitely going to make further complaints.


    Bastett Cheetah

    You can extend your journey by 15 minutes for free at the stations. This allows you to travel to the next free docking station to dock your bike.
    In peak usage times, this sometimes does mean travelling to a couple of different parking stations to find a park, but that’s just a fact of the number of people using the service.
    Next time, I’d suggest factoring the risk into your journey time, so you can find a parking space and not be late for a meeting.


    Bastett Cheetah

    And now I’ve just realized I’ve replied to a year old thread, because it suddenly appeared on my twitter feed for some reason. Sigh.

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