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    The seatpost adjustment clamp works the same way as the wheel quick release described here:

    http://www.bicyclinglife.com/HowTo/UseAQuickRelease.htm (or video here: http://vimeo.com/9606884 )

    In short; the “knurled knob” is the nut with the raised ridges on the opposite end of the seat bolt from the lever. The knob is used to fine-tune the amount of force that the lever will put on the seatpost when closed.

    The lever should ideally be reasonably stiff, but not hard to push. On a seat, it’s easier to tell than on a wheel; if the seat sinks, it’s too loose; if you struggle to close it, it’s too tight.






    On a similar note, does anyone know a trick to fix the stuck bells?



    When checking to make sure the bicycle rolls correctly, check both the front and back wheels. The over adjusted brake issue can happen to either.

    I have had 4 bicycles with the issue. 4 out of about 12 so it is fairly frequent. I just rechecked the defective machine and pick another. I reported the issue with the button so no one else can take out the bicycle. No need to turn the saddle other than it makes it quicker to know which ones have an issue.



    @parsingphase, your tutorial on adjusting the seat is brilliant :!: I knew about the leaver but I did not realise it could be tightened. My ride this morning was so much better without the seat twisting around on me. :D

    Everyone else, loving all the tips. Keep them coming. I think I might make a new sticky for tips and also and FAQ in the near future and update the 1st post whenever there is a new suggestion.

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    Tip: Carry a hanky. After rain, the bike seats may be wet!!!



    @cyclingnewbie – or a plastic bag!



    I now carry a small washing up sponge on my rucksack (after a wet seat on Saturday).

    Also, if you have a watch with a bezel – like a divers watch – it’s ideal for keeping check of your time, so long as you remember to set it of course!



    Re: Handkerchiefs for dryness in the saddle area.

    I have one of these on which the location of the docking stations can be added with a permanent red marker. The extent of the map matches the cycle hire zone pretty well and it’s cheaper and more effective than an iPhone.



    My hint and tip after having my first trip fully laden…..the strap/basket affair isn’t big enough to carry a standard sized laptop bag. Just managed to get it in but I had to fold the top of the bag over, wouldn’t have fit if it had a laptop. Surely if anything it should have been designed to carry something up to that size.

    And also, no umbrella holder! :roll:



    I noticed this morning that the handlebar grip on the gear selecter side can work loose. This also happen on my Dahon folder as it is less wide due to the shifter. Probably be a spate of these going missing if they aren’t slid across to the left.



    Undocking tip by dbrb2

    * Grip the back of the saddle

    * Lift the back wheel up a few inches

    * Then let it drop back to the ground

    * When the wheel Hits the pavement, the bike will pop out


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    Get 3 membership keys on 2 or more separate accounts. That way you will only be charged the daily rate for the keys you use. :-)

    E.g. Assuming all are rolling contracts i.e. not Annual sub

    Account 1: Key 1

    Account 2: Keys 2 & 3


    Boris is my dad

    Replying to @Triumph5ta‘s post:

    Yes, when ensuring that the wheels spin on a bike is a fundamental need. But, also check what gear the bike has been left in. Gear 1 will of course be easier to spin than gear 3.

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