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    BB Rider

    Just did the Boris Bike Compass Challenge – cycling the most northerly, southerly, easterly and westerly Boris Bike docking stations in as short a time as possible… We did 2hrs 27mins

    Started at East India, up to Camden (Castlehaven Road – separate debate on if that’s more north than Cadogan Close Victoria Park), down to Neville Gill Close in Wandsworth and then right out West to Ravenscourt Park Station, all as fast as possible.

    We were somewhat stymied by an extra 20 minute wait at Old Street when the docking station didn’t register that they bikes had been put back and wouldn’t let us get bikes back out after 5 mins so we had to call up to get them reset. Time above takes away 20 mins for that but leaves in 5 mins of normal wait. All waits were 5 mins to make sure we were only charged the £2 day charge.

    Some basic rules:
    i) Must abide by road traffic rules
    ii) Must dock at each extreme point (or nearest if full and apply for an extension at the extreme but not use the extension to get extra distance)
    iii) Only use the £2 per day charge, ie when you’re at 28-30 mins of riding dock and wait so you can get the bike again

    It’s a pity TfL doesn’t show the final docking time as it would be the perfect check on timing for the last leg.


    BB Rider

    Forgot to mention 35.2km cycled to do the 4 extreme points :-)



    This is going to be a tough and interesting competition.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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