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Can we make Space for Boris Bikes?

TfL has this week published its most radical plans yet for redesigning some streets in central London to give cyclists safe, protected space for cycling. The two routes intersect at Blackfriars; one will run from Kings Cross down to Elephant and Castle, the other from Tower Hill across to Acton.

Both routes are largely segregated, and junctions give priority to cyclists. They pass close to many of London's top attractions, and also include improvements to improve the general environment, and help pedestrians.

But these improvements come at a cost, not only financial, but in terms of reallocating space from motorised traffic. There will no doubt be objections from those who would prefer to keep the status quo.

Please take time to review both sets of proposals, and send a supportive response in to the consultations.

View the East-West consultation here
View the North-South consultation here

Neither plan is perfect, and there may be areas where you'd like the plans to be improved, but they are better than anything seen before, and need our support to get them approved.

Three things strike me as of special importance for Boris bikers:
  • These routes fall almost entirely in areas served by cycle hire docking stations
  • They are suitable for novice cyclists as well as those with more experience
  • They connect 'tourist London', enabling visitors to use cycle hire safely to reach their destinations
Please reply to the consultations, and help make cycling in London better for everyone.

Tower Hill on the East-West route: safe for Boris Bikers?

Space for Boris Bikes

I hope you, like me, took part in the LCC's Space for Cycling Big Ride last Saturday. Unsurprisingly, I was on a Boris bike.

Half of all the local election candidates in London ended up offering their support. Of those elected, the challenge now will be to get them to act.

Here is Andrew Gilligan's encouraging speech from the day.

Also in the news is the first competitive race on Boris bikes. I hope it takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

The current phase of expansion is nearing its end, but a few new docking stations have been sighted going in, including near Stockwell tube station. Usage this spring has been encouraging, but without a new sponsor, we may not hear of new plans for a while.

Space for Boris biking

Yesterday evening 5,000 cyclists took to the streets of London in London Cycling Campaign's 'Space for Cycling' ride. The protest ride passed the Houses of Parliament where MPs were debating the Get Britain Cycling report.

Boris bikers support 'Space for Cycling' ride
The ride is the latest in a series designed to highlight the need for more dedicated space for cycling on Britain's roads, to improve safety and encourage more people to switch to two wheels.

Many Boris bikers took part in the event. Of all London's cyclists, those who take to Boris bikes are often novices or less experienced. The cycle hire scheme deliberately encourages new cyclists and casual users. Helmets are, quite rightly, not compulsory.

If we want streets where all cyclists are safe, including children and the elderly, then we need streets with facilities to protect us from fast-moving motor traffic and HGVs. Government spending on cycling remains pitiful compared to other European countries, despite the huge benefits in improving air quality, health and tackling congestion.

I hope this ride has helped our parliamentary representatives understand that to really Get Britain Cycling we need political will and investment.