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    I have had a key since last October – no problem (other than it had to be replaced once because it became faulty). This morning I phoned to buy a key for my partner. But oh no..you can’t do that. Either I lose the remainder of my access period (£40) and open a new account with two keys, or I open a second account. But to open a second account you need to provide a different email address. It’s all about data protection I was told – well, my bank is more than happy to give my partner a credit card on my account, Streetcar is more than happy to have my partner on my account – It is pure stupidity from whoever designed the IT system.



    Replying to @jacob123‘s post:

    data protection

    ? It is actually very poor security to use the email as an account id. For anything that holds my CC details on file (and with “continuing authority”) the account ID and the login should be separate. Management of journey records and billing are separate matters that should not be mixed.



    Not much advantage in a second key unless you’re conjoined. Every time either key gets used you get charged for both; hiring a single bike costs £2.



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    Unless you have 2 annual subscriptions…



    Just get your partner their own email address. Google’s Gmail is one of the better ones.



    There’s no point getting a second key on one account. Because each time one of the keys is activated the charge is applied to both of them – even if your partner is not using the key. Unless you plan to go around joined at the hip and ride in tandem, don’t bother! I’ve only just discovered this after being overcharged for years. What is the point of selling us extra keyfobs under these terms? It’s just another Barclays rip off.

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