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    Not a lot it would seem


    I guess its this little rfid chip thats causing me all this grief and aggro (25mins on the phone to the call centre at the weekend).

    I also wonder if there are alternative form factors for the keys? – its a fairly significant attachement to my keyring



    If you open up your oyster card, you’ll find the same (tho with a larger antenna) – same with a swipe card for an office, or one of those touch-to-pay visa cards that barclays insist on giving out these days.

    The actual chip is the darker bit in the top right corner. The rest is just antenna / induction loop.

    could be interesting to program / clone one of these onto a Google Nexus S, which has RFID in it…. rumer has it that the iphone5 might have this in, but I doubt it for a while


    Dan Thomas

    Yup, with the Oyster one you can make the card go floppy in a glass of nail varnish remover then open it up to take the chip out. Then attach it to the back of your watch (with antenna!) for a cool Oyster watch.




    lol – nice original post!.

    I did see this in the news recently.


    Itd be cool to do this with a oyster and or boris key – do they interfere with each other? could i have a dongle and a card on my keyring in one device?



    I did measure the other day that the dongle only goes into the slot (ooerr) put up to the first number on the barcode.. so theres a good few centimetres of “spare dongle” that could be trimmed off..



    Replying to @Dan Thomas’s post:

    I remember reading that TfL are issuing penalty fares to people who have done this as you are obliged to produce an actual Oyster card in order for the journey to be valid.



    Replying to @jamsandwich‘s post:

    its a fairly significant attachement to my keyring

    I bought one of these key fobs several years ago from Liberty. Great for preventing keys from wearing out your pocket lining and, though it’s now showing some wear and tear, doesn’t fall apart quite as quickly as the wallet type of fob with individual attachments for each key.

    £25 seemed steep then, but I like it so much that I bought another one a few weeks ago.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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