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    Some people might find this video posted by @londoncyclist last week useful. It was part of an excellent article on their website that included these tips-

    The process of using the key is as follows:

    • Check that the docking point has no lights illuminated
    • Before taking a cycle from a docking point, check that it is roadworthy (tyres, brakes, saddle, lights, bell)
    • Insert your key into the docking point key slot
    • The amber light will illuminate while your account is being verified
    • As soon as the light turns green, undock your cycle by placing one hand on each of the handle bars and firmly pulling it out of the docking point.
    • Remove your key from the key slot before you set off
    • When re-docking your cycle, return it to any empty docking point which has no lights illuminated by pushing it firmly into place
    • Wait until the light turns green to ensure you have successfully docked your cycle and completed your journey

    Read the rest of the article here –

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