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    Hi guys, i found this forum on the web and it looks very useful!

    I just moved in London from Italy, and i’m trying to get the key for hire a bike from barclays.

    I filled out all the forms online, but when i try to pay something goes wrong with all my credit cards (italians).

    Do you think that i need an english credit card?

    There is a point where i can pay and not online?

    And if i will need to have an english card, what do you suggest?Where i can get one?I don’t have still a job, so i don’t know is someone will give me a credit card!

    thanks and sorry for the bad english!



    You might be able to get a prepaid card, check this out: http://www.visa.co.uk/en/products/visa_prepaid.aspx

    Otherwise try giving the customer service number a call and they can tell you why it is being declined :)



    Replying to @lius‘s post:

    Hi Lius

    you need to “Have a UK postal address which matches your billing address”. Not sure if this means that only UK issued cards can be used or that your italian cards can be accepted provided you have updated your address details with your card company.But it definitely won’t work if your card company has a different address for you, or if you are trying to give an overseas address for your account.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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