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    Another thing that I’ve noticed whilst riding around our beautiful city are the smells.

    On my early morning ride, there’s a cafe on the junction of Clerkenwell Rd and St John St which emits the most georgeous aromas, different each morning.

    Then another lovely bready waft as I head down City Rd towards Finsbury Sq, not sure which establishment is comes from. Hope it’s not Subway :roll:

    Then there’s one to avoid. Brushfield St, outside the RBS building. Blocked sewers, hold your breath.



    If you pass a Lush outlet on your journey don’t forget to don your gas mask…



    My favorites are Tate & Lyle in SIlvertown, and bakeries (Lime house cut, low hall depot Walthamstow etc)



    Breweries put out very distinctive, heady aromas, but unfortunately there aren’t many within easy reach of a BB journey.



    I’m often overwhelmed by the smell of wee :/



    Replying to @mit‘s post:

    Change your y-fronts more often?!

    Seriously, though, I have been passed by some really smelly cyclists who don’t seem to reaslise that personal hygiene extends to what they wear while cycling. I try to hold my breath until they’re well past. And there’s no need for it to be a stinky pursuit. I’m always fragrant on my commutes…



    The sights, sounds, and smell of the city, best experienced by bike (unless it’s rush hour.)



    There’s a place by Barbican that emits a warm vapour of clean laundry… it smells of clean sheets. I quite like it. Otherwise I pretty much have to inhale the diesel fumes of London’s black cabs (are they multiplying? there seem to be so many)



    Replying to @BrigitteBardotBikes‘s post:

    You’re right – there are a lot. And many are in a terrible state of upkeep, belching black fumes every few yards.

    I was wondering whatever happened that big campaign for low emissions in London, with all the signposts and posters along roads. Then I found this and discovered it has been in operation since 2008, but is so useless that they’re reinforcing it in 2012.

    And it still won’t cover ordinary cars or taxi cabs. Maybe that’s why it was useless in the first place.

    I wish they’d take all the dirty vehicles, including cabs, off the road immediately. You’d think they’d have learned the lessons about air pollution by now.



    Replying to @BrigitteBardotBikes‘s post:

    And taxi diesel engine exhaust fumes aren’t just smelly; they’re really bad for you. All those nasty, micro particles find their way into your lungs and can seriously damage your heart (similar to smoking). Masks won’t help either, as the particles are far too tiny to be trapped. The best strategy is to avoid busy roads (when possible) and stay as far away from taxis as possible. Unfortunately, for us cyclists, London has Europe’s most polluted air, due in no small part to antiquated taxi diesel engines which continue to pollute with impunity.



    Replying to @congokid‘s post:

    The Low Emissions Zone was always a phased process, starting with HGVs (which emit the most pollution). BoJo delayed introduction of this phase by a couple of years.

    Trouble is taxis aren’t included, despite the fact that they are hulking great things with massive diesel engines.

    There is a filthy looking but wonderful smelling bakery (no shop, just a factory) on Lambeth Road, just on the river side of the railway bridge. It always made me drool Pavlov-style when cycling back in the evenings.

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