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    Hi folks,

    7209 posted this in another thread (thanks!) but I thought it deserved its own visibility. Here is the map of the proposed new docks for Phase 2 of the scheme:



    Highlights for me:

    Camden town (finally!)

    Docks all along the Regents canal as far as Old Ford Lock (including Broadway market) – Expect the canal to become a BoBi motorway (Hmmm not sure that that is a good thing)

    Leicester Square tube station dock!

    8 more in the city!

    Disappointments: No expansion in Covent Garden (Except the leicester square one). No expansion at the big rail stations (except Kings Cross)



    oh god, the system just about works – how will it cope with the extra docking stations.

    the info just isn’t updating soon enough



    Replying to @cyclingnewbie‘s post:

    Hmm, my friend and her bike ended up in that canal late one evening. Hers floated due to the lightweight hollow frame. I’m not sure a BB is very buoyant.


    Dan Thomas

    Us South Londoners are just expected to fester away and go without then. How very “Transport for North London” – you’ve already got almost all the tube lines, so have the bikes as well!



    Looks exciting to me, the dock density looks better than central London. Hopefully will increase user base more, maybe even take emphasis off mainline station commuting.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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