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    Hello all, new user to both the forum and the bikes, so feel free to educate me if I get anything wrong.

    What annoys me is that, as a casual user, if your bike gets the red light when docking there’s no way to remove the bike and put it right. You get one go, and then you get screwed. I docked my bike up outside the Royal London, and, as it was honestly my first ever journey on a Boris bike, I wasn’t looking at the lights when I docked (I now realize this is a rather essential thing to do). I did however give the bike a firm tug once the grinding noises had died down to make sure the bike was secured; it was.

    2 hours later and on my way home I try and rent a bike to get back on and am told by the machine I can’t. A quick call to customer service tells me my previous journey is still underway, so I get the bike number, find the bike and ring them again, literally sat on the bike- still secure in the dock where I’d left it- that the system assumed I’d been cycling around London for the past 2 hours. So, the point is despite being sat on the bike at the dock with the payment card there is no was for me to re-jig or rent and re-dock or do anything at all to dock the bike properly. Even if I had seen a red light, everything would’ve gone exactly the same as there is no quick fix to what seemed to me initially as a minor problem.

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