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    I always get kind of confused when people write about all the issues they have with the scheme – I use it twice daily (at least) and honestly can’t remember the last time I had a problem…

    But, with further thought, perhaps that’s because as an annual user, the system doesn’t need to open a new access period for me each time, which in turn reduces the complexity of the hire process, which removes some of the scope for red lights..

    So I was just wondering if the type of access arrangement you have correlates to whether or not you find the system to be full of problems or not…



    I pay annually. Only problem I experience (apart from the usual annoyingly long authentication delays) is sometimes after making 1 or 2 trips in a day, I’ll insert my key to make another and suddenly *red light*, this almost always means I’m locked-out for the rest of the day, red lights all round. Call centre can never help (apologetic but unhelpful) but the problem always seems to clear itself overnight.

    Spoke to someone else I know who pays annually and they experience the exact same problem. Both our accounts permanently display “Unbilled charges £-1.00″ on terminals and the website. We both signed up for an annual account whilst a day-pass was active and so unbilled, which we believe may be related to the underlying problem (of course it may just be coincidence). I mention this in case it might be a common scenario.



    I pay for 24 hours with the key. Recently (touch wood), the system seems to generally have worked. I’ve had it flash for 20 seconds then go red, then work the second time the key is entered the last two times I’ve used it, but except for that it’s been ok.

    A few weeks back I almost gave up on the system it became so unreliable – I wandered around from station to station a few times in one week, trying to find one that worked. I gave up and caught the bus instead.

    I was also overcharged – charged three £1 charges at the same time on a day I wasn’t even in the country – TFL refunded them, but only because I happened to notice. Most people wouldn’t, I’d have thought!

    Their website seems to have given up reporting my journeys since May sometime.

    My main day-to-day issue is the lack of free spaces where I want to go, and the inaccurate data in the iPhone app.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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