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    I am trying to find some stats on the bike scheme and wondered if someone could point me in the right direction. The sort of things that I am looking to find out are how many bikes get used per day for what period. I am guessing that I can get this from the boris bike data feed but as I am not a technical person I am struggling to see how to access this data so any help here would be great. I am also curious whether anybody knows of any demographic research on the bikes and lastly whether there are any stats on the numbers of different types of users eg annual subscriptions, one off payments etc. All for a project my son is working on so would be great to show him I can get this data! Any help much appreciated, thanks Alex



    As it is a publicly funded scheme you can make a freedom of information request for the stats you want from TFL.



    There was a link “somewhere” in the forum to a location where you can download what I think was the first 6 months worth of trips for the whole system.

    I recall some folks around here had some fun with it.

    I pulled a copy – BIG files.

    If you want a copy drop me a message ( pm this user on the left side) with your e-mail address and I’ll try and sent it via an ftp service like



    Replying to @Axleb‘s post:

    I’ll tell you what I tell all the other students that come on here asking the same questions: “Google is your friend!”

    “Boris Bikes demographics” as a Google search gives plenty of results.

    Try the “What do they know?” website for previously asked questions rather than wasting time on a new FOI reqeust.



    I made the original Freedom of Information Act request for this data.

    TfL released the data in their developers’ area rather than directly to me. You need to be an approved registered developer to access it. The dataset is called Barclays Cycle Hire Statistics.



    Thanks guys for your help with this looks like |I have a few hours of research on Google ahead of me but at least I know it is there




    Great information on the What do they know? never heard of it but looks like a place you could spend hours browsing thanks

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