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    Has anybody any information on the proposed dock for St Thomas’ Hospital? I think I read somewhere that this had been granted planning permission, but it doesn’t appear to have materialised. There’s a gap between Lambeth North dock on the south of the river, and either Embankment (Horse Guards) dock or Smith Square, Westminster dock on the north of the river that make trips to and around Parliament difficult. A large dock at St Thomas’ would at least make docking there and walking over the bridge a more viable option.



    This very old application was approved but obviously never built:

    I can’t see a more recent application in this area.

    Interestingly I have a paper map which was handed out at the start of the scheme, showing not only the 300 which started off the scheme but also the proposed 100 next ones. It wasn’t a great success as a lot were never built, including the one you mention which on this map appears right outside the Florence Nightingale Museum. It would certainly be useful to have one there. Another location in that area which never happened was Portcullis House.



    This old article also mentions this dock:

    Does anyone know, if planning permission has been granted for this dock, it’s just a matter of when TfL build it, or will the permission expire at some time?



    Planning permission will expire Jan 2013, so they’d better do something relatively soon if they still want to build it.



    So long as you start work before the planning permission expires (just digging a small hole counts), you can take as long as you want to finish it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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