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    This was supposed to re-open on 21st Oct, and now has just disappeared off the maps and been left half complete. They’ve taken away the workmans stuff, so no indication when it will be returned to service. Boris bike status doesn’t mention it. Annoyingly the one I use daily :(

    Any ideas why?



    I think you mean Bethnal Green Road Docking station which was closed for extension and as you state due to re-open 21st? The TFL docking station page was updated on Friday 21st and the previous infomation about this station removed so I guess they thought it was opening – I don’t think the editor of this page always check these things out thoroughly – Kensington Gore was a good example and which is still closed.



    Yeah, that’s the one. It’s disappeared off their map, so couldn’t find the official name easily. Am thinking of using their API to create an alert for when it comes back online.



    You might Dock Monitor rather handy; it automatically updates whenever the status of a docking station changes. There’s a handy little RSS feed you could subscribe to, if you like.

    According to its page for Bethnal Green, the dock’s been out of action since the Friday before last.



    Talking of the Shoreditch High St docking station (I know this topic is actually about the Bethnal Green Road one), I just spotted this photo on twitter:


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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