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    Hi All. I am a long time lurker here who has finally decided to speak up!

    I am an avid Boris Biker, using them 3/4 times a day since last summer.

    I know there are other threads where it is being discussed but I am not sure that they are strong enough.

    I will get straight to the point – this is a £140 MILLION pound scheme and the system’s software is APPALLING and EMBARRASSING!

    Are they doing anything about it?? It cannot stay like this – an absolute joke. I am a tour guide – I used to avidly recommend the system but no more.

    The biggest issues I see at the moment are:

    Data in a mess – all availability data is completely wrong – no warnings about this – if they know it is wrong can they not warn us on the screens? If not then this is a big failure.

    System thinks docks with bikes with red lights are available. Such a hard fix?

    Constant problems with mine and others’ keys where system refuses to give us bikes for no reason. Perhaps the docking stations lack of connectivity with the system but this needs sorting.

    Whole docking stations offline.

    Journeys not being registered – people being overcharged or corresponding issues getting another bike.

    Hugely drawn out and overcomplicated hire system for those without a key.

    Is anything being done about any of this?? Bo Jo are you reading, can you give us some answers? Was the software properly tested before going online? Whoever was in charge of developing it should be held partly accountable.

    Give us answers please – SERCO/BARCLAYS/TFL!



    AT the massive Waterloo Docking Station yesterday, a guy was telling us all not to put our keys in for at least five minutes. The local system had crashed and 6 staff members were resetting it. He told me it was the third time it had happened in 15 minutes. He was hugely apologetic.

    Btw it affected all three of the ‘separate’ docking stations that make up the huge long row of docks at Waterloo. And it was in RUSH HOUR argh.



    I agree it’s unusable for casual/24hr users at present.



    … and I have a theory…

    The fact the journey details are not being put up online (I have no HIRE records since 4th May) is due to the fact they are losing data and have no reliable records.



    According to the activity log I made no journeys before 1 May and I’ve made none since 5 May – and I owe them £9. None of that is true. The one time I had to phone recently because my bike wouldn’t dock the woman I was speaking to admitted that she could not call up my realtime information (to even confirm that I had taken a bike out) and wasn’t sure when she would be able to.



    According to my activity log I’m in credit by £1.



    Replying to @BrianFWombat‘s post:

    They appear to have the data somewhere as the online account data does update but it appears to lag about a week behind. I would agree however that the software is a mess. Perhaps in its original version in Montreal the sloppy design and coding wasn’t so apparent, but it is clear it does not scale to London.



    They’ve just given me £2. I’ve no idea what for. When I add that to the couple of £1 coins I’ve found in key slots over the last few days, this scheme is starting to look quite profitable :lol:



    I just took a look at my usage history, it too is a random collection of some of my journeys but with many (possibly a majority) missing, including all the times from this month (at least 4 journeys) although I haven’t experienced any recent problems during use.

    I’m an annual member and once every few weeks I do suddenly find I’m unable to take out a bike anywhere until the next day or so. My balance display has also been permanently stuck at “£-1.00″ since sometime last year.

    Who develops the software development for Boris Bikes? Because whoever they are, they’re shockingly bad!



    I have no comment on the software but I do like the thread title :)

    @Cathryn – I’m still waiting for my time in the misplaced pound coins windfall… but so far no joy



    Glad there has been lots of reaction and the thread title has gone down well!

    Was with a friend who tried to get a bike out last night with his credit card. First dock, 5 mins wasted, didnt work, second dock same story. We gave up.

    How much money are they losing from this mess? Somebody didn’t do their homework!

    Give us answers Boris!!!!!!!!

    On a side note why haven’t they put the docking points into Kennington Lane. The foundations have been there for more than a month! Surely just plumb them in, recalibrate the dock for the new number of docking points and press go??!! Easy peasy?



    Who is in charge of the Barclays sponsorship? Maybe we could try and make them aware of this forum so they can wield their corporate hammer??



    I’m sure they’re already aware.



    The Serco contract says that a “Joint BAU Incident Log” needs to be maintained, and reported weekly to the TfL/Serco Contract Management Board.

    Maybe someone could ask TfL for a recent copy of this or for Contract Management Board minutes via FOI, eg via ?



    oh yes they definitely know about the forum :)

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