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    I’ve just spoken to the Barclays Cycle Hire helpline to ask what’s going on, and here’s their response…

    We know there have been major problems since the end of last week. We’ve got ground staff at the docking stations trying to figure it out. But to be honest it seems more like a technical problem.

    I called because i’ve been having days of problems. This evening I couldn’t dock my bike. I tried 4 different stations and they were all full and the terminals were out of order (so I couldn’t get an extra 15 mins for free). Serco have promised to refund the £1. I doubt I’ll ever see it.

    No timeframe on when this mess will be sorted out.



    Cheers urban… just glad to hear it’s their system and not my card. Just have to work out why my new key isn’t working now! Argh…



    Oh, so that’s why I couldn’t get a bike just after 7pm? (I was in a hurry, so didnt bother calling them and got the tube) Good to know. We’ve all been telling Serco that their system is rubbish since the beginning of the scheme, a year ago. About time they realise!!!



    I’m not sure who’s to blame – serco built and run it, but all the software and hardware came from Bixi in Montreal – however, their system works great (or so I’m told by someone from there)

    So who knows……



    If the Bixi system works fine in Montreal, then I guess we know where the fault lies…



    but the london scheme is 5x the size of the montreal scheme (and getting bigger!) this could be capacity issues with that system

    I just hope somewhere there are performance related payments in contracts that are kicking in right now.



    Replying to @urban‘s post:

    Don’t worry, as rubbish as they are, they are usually relatively quick about refunding things.

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