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    reducing danger for all road users

    This website is created in recognition of the fact that there are different kinds of users sharing our roads and in the belief that we would all benefit if we understood each other a bit more; does it go without saying that safety comes before convenience?

    When one roaduser doesn’t like the behaviour of another there is rarely the chance for them to both hear each other; there is either no exchange of words or an argument ensues. is where we can talk to, and learn from, each other.

    In 2009; 2222 people were killed on the roads in the UK. Yes, there are some really dangerous drivers but they are responsible for about 15% (about 330 deaths). The remaining 1892 deaths are caused by the kind of minor error that ‘anyone’ could make.

    So, before you think “that’s what other drivers do; I’m careful” please remember every time you turn the keys in your vehicle it is the equivalent of loading a gun (you are in charge of a machine that can kill!).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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