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    This is my first post. I have searched for answers, but found only very old posts. Apologies if I have missed something. Here’s my problem:

    About 50% of the time, when I try to undock a bike, I get yellow flashing for a looong time, then red. After that, only red immediately. This happens 100% of times in the station in Southwark Street near London Bridge. This station has never given me a bike I think. Now the strange thing is, around me people are undocking bikes fine. So I assume it must be something to do with my account, my key, or whatever.

    I called the helpline several times and they said everything is fine with the account, I have a 24h access period waiting. The only advice I was able to get was a) wait 10 minutes b) try a different docking station.

    This is very annoying. I can’t really use the scheme if I can’t be sure that it will actually work (today I missed an appointment due to this).

    Does anyone know why this is happening? Is this a common problem? Would it help if I closed the account and opened a new one? (I tried unsuccessfully to get sent a new key, since to me this seems the most likely problem, but they were not willing to replace the key).



    I used to have the same problems at the docks by Waterloo when I had 24h access – everyone else would be able to get a bike and I was stuck with the flashing orange light. Getting annual access fixed it for me, although I still believe that they shouldn’t offer 24h access if it’s not reliable.

    My guess is that this problems occur because opening an access period requires authorisation from your card provider and the connection to the bank can sometimes time out (I reckon this is what is going on when the orange light is flashing). When this happens it goes from Orange -> Red and for some reason seems to activate the 5/10 minute wait before letting you try again.



    Ah that makes sense. Unfortunately I don’t use the bikes enough to justify annual membership :-( This is really annoying, since it makes it unusable basically.



    Kerstin, the way I’ve found to get around this time lag is to first stick my key in the dock terminal. That will activate a new period, but won’t time out the way it will at a docking point.

    1. stick key in terminal

    2. press balance

    3. remove key

    4. go to dock & take bike :)



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