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    As much as anything to counter the recent stream of negativity on here, I felt I should share a positive experience from this evening.

    Started at Flood Street, Chelsea and undocked without problems. Followed the river (and the new CS8, parts of which were being marked out literally as I went past) down to Vauxhall Bridge, hoping to dock on the Embankment. Arrived to find a full dock, and was just about to head off into Pimlico when out of thin air one of the Servo elves appeared resplendent in his yellow jacket.

    He had just arrived to remove a few bikes that had been reported faulty and suggested I wait a few minutes until he could create the spaces. A matter of moments later and I was docked. Coincidentally I needed to report mine as faulty – the pedals were misaligned. As I mentioned this to him he also asked me to rotate the saddle 180degrees. Presumably this idea is gradually picking up a head of steam.

    One painstaking trudged through Pimlico avoided I left in a good mood and feeling more positive about the scheme and Serco. For what it’s worth, I’ve not had any problems in the last few months aside from bad data coming through, which I’ve now stoped relying upon. As an occasional (2-5 times a week) user, it’s as enjoyable and useful now as it was on day one.



    I’ll second this.

    The website may be rubbish at the moment (my last trip showing is 11th May), what really matters, to me anyway, – being able to pick up a bike, dock a bike and get a receipt (last journey now showing up very quickly) reliably now seems to be working much better than a couple of weeks ago.

    I think they must have done a bug fix the weekend before last because the “on street” experience has definitely improved.

    OK – there isn’t always a bike close by or a free dock close to Euston in the evening but it’s not that big a hassle to use alternates a little further away – i.e. Shoreditch High Street to find a bike after 8pm and Taviton St or Beford Way to dock at the Euston end.

    All credit to Serco for, in my opinion, sorting out what was rapidly deteriorating into a real mess.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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