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    I have just been emailed the following information:

    Gold medal cyclist Geraint Thomas launches the Barclays Cycle Hire London Poppy Day initiative with the Royal British Legion at Charing Cross station earlier today. Barclays is donating £1 for every journey made using the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme. The ‘Poppy Bikes’ will remain in the fleet to continue raising awareness of the cause until after Remembrance Sunday.


    So has anyone spotted any of the Poppy Bikes yet?

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    Saw a couple this morning.

    There was a pic in the Standard on Tuesday evening.



    Yes, I saw one a few days ago, when I was approaching a dock head-on – the poppy really stands out in a row of blue Barclays logos. I wondered at the time who was doing it, as the sticker was exactly the right size, it looked purposeful.



    What a lovely photo! I just hope the bus doesn’t knock him off.



    Me – I hired one :wink: but didn’t realise it was TfL approved! It’s a super idea, I loved riding a bike with a poppy on the front :) Drivers drive more carefully around you too… I wish Barclays would do more of this kind of corporate ‘good in the community’ branding on the front of the bike, instead of their intense barclays branding which is all over the bike anyway, and docking stations

    What about using that spot to promote cyclist safety, and the advantage and convenience of cycling in Central London? Or local projects that people may not be aware of? That would link Barclays with good stuff

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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