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    Just saw a friends pictures from Boston and they have also introduced the scheme.

    Really interesting to see the same bikes in a different colour scheme and with a different sponsor.

    I recall people commenting on the artist’s impressions of the scheme, as having far less blanket branding.


    These are quite different:

    It appears the front logo panel on the basket might have been a Barclay’s concession.




    Good to see that the compulsion to swivel the bell to face-up is not just a UK thing. I’ve yet to find one the new bikes that apparently have the bell fixed downwards btw.



    Replying to @davidq100‘s post:

    Haha I used to put the bell upwards when I started riding as it seemed more natural, but then slowly realised that it’s more natural on the thumb to have it pointing downwards (also noticed that they work a lot better in the rain if kept in the downwards position) :)

    Went to Paris for a long weekend (got back last night!) and looked at their bikes, they look a lot nicer and distribution seems much better over there – even at Gare de Nord!

    The only problem was they do a pre-authorisation of €150 as a sort of deposit for the bikes, so I didn’t really want to take one out in case I get a surprise bill from HSBC for foreign transactions :(



    I’m off to Boston later this year. Any idea whether they allow casual users?



    Replying to @ashbro‘s post:

    Yep! (click me)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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