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    Hi everyone

    I’ve been a Boris Biker for a week now, and thought I would jot down my initial thoughts about the scheme. Over all I’m very happy and it is getting me out and about seeing parts of London I would never have gone to. I’m even going out at lunch time to cycle round the city.

    The other bikers I’ve met have always been friendly, and also (and I was supprised by this) the Boris Bike staff who move the bikes round. The call centre staff when I had issues with the web site were quick and efficient.

    The only downside I’ve found are :-

    1) Who thought up the gear ratios? Does anyone use 1st?

    2) It would be handy to have sign posts to the nearest bike rack.

    3) How long does the web site take to update your journey details?

    4) It would be nice to have somewhere to attach a phone/BBery to be able to direct myself to the nearest rack (see 2)

    5) Who was the saddle desgined for? I cant get comfortable on it

    6) Can we have a bike rack setup in/near Leddenhall Market?

    Anyway, overall I impressed with it and actually getting some exercise



    I use first gear – but I am lazy…lol

    It takes about 8 months for the site to update your trips – my last trip is currency November 2010! And, I use a bike about once or twice a week.



    Just had my first ‘blip’ today. Arrived at Monument (Great Tower St) to find it full. I eventually found how to claim my extra 15 minutes, but the option was ‘greyed out’ and not selectable.

    Rang the call centre to tell them, and they have made some notes on my file so that I dont get charged extra, but I’m not convinced that I wont get charged.

    Got to the next docking station, but it wont let me print a receipt, so I dont quite know where I stand. I hope that all is well now.

    Anyway, I’m still enjoying getting out and about




    I actually find 1st gear really helpful at traffic lights and other standing starts. 2nd gear, not so much. The website (like all the IT aspects of the scheme) is a joke, as half the threads on this forum show. You and I must have opposite shaped behinds, because I find the seats really comfortable (a real plus point of the bikes for me).

    To my main point, I definitely agree there should be more docking points within the old city. I’ve always found it strange that for a scheme sponored by a bank, the area around Bank station is one of the least served areas within the current boundaries (discounting parks). Sure, space is a real premium around there, but for the cost of just a few of the thousands of on-street parking spaces in the area, numerous docking stations could be built.

    Who is in charge of these considerations within the city? The status quo of giving priority to on-street parking seems a very inefficient use of space, not to mention a frequent cause of congestion.



    I rarely use 1st, unless there is a fault on the bike



    Trevor, I agree with you totally. It is the City of London Corporation who look after the streets and parking. I have emailed them several times complaining there are not enough Boris bike docks in the City. Worth going to their website and sending an email to the appropriate department – might be worth mentioning the Bank area as one particularly bad area for coverage.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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