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    Good news, it seems that there will be no usage charges for the day of the launch! I have received this email from TFL Barclays Cycle Hire :
    Thank you for becoming a Barclays Cycle Hire pioneer. Today you have either used, or joined, the scheme. We are very keen to learn from your experiences and would welcome your feedback at 
    As a way of saying thank you for your support we have agreed that no usage charges will be incurred by users today.
    Set out below are some top tips which we urge you to read to ensure that your future use of the scheme is ever more enjoyable. 
    When you undock your bike,don’t forget to remove your key from the key slot before you set off. 
    When you return your bike, wait until the light turns green to ensure you have successfully docked your cycle and completed your journey – remember – make sure you get a ‘green light and click at the end of every trip!’ 
    If you have yet to activate your key, do remember to go online and click on “sign in” to activate it – otherwise you won’t be able to hire a cycle. 
    Look after the scheme – it belongs to London and Londoners. If you see someone vandalising the bikes or docking stations please report it.
    Enjoy your rides and enjoy London!
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    But I presume the access charge will still apply, so my 3 ‘free’ sub-30 minutes journeys will be refunded :)



    My £1 of usage charge hasn’t been refunded from what I can tell from my account. I can’t see any record of the access charge. Must be reading my account wrong



    me too – £1 charge on 1st day for a 32 min trip (after my target dock was closed and ‘plan B’ dock didn’t exist) is still not refunded.



    Ring the helpline and ask.

    Lots of the emails were sent out after midnight. Talking about ‘today’ was a mistake on their part – if they meant Friday, they should have said ‘Friday’.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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