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    Anybody else have trouble south of the river last night?

    About 11.30 there were no spaces to be found anywhere. On a trip from Sloane Square to the Elephant, the last empty rank I saw was on the Embankment. I tried ten stations – all of which the computer said had spaces – which were all full; and met countless other people in a similar situation. Eventually found the last spot at Tower Hill!!

    How often can you extend for 15 minutes? After doing it twice, the computer said “membership card not valid”.



    I had the same problem in Pimlico on Monday night/Tues morning. Had to unwind half my journey to find a dock.



    It’s been terrible around Elephant for the past couple of weeks. I’ve even found docks where the terminal insists there are spaces free even though it’s full. Last night I arrived to find Hampton Street full and saying there were spaces at Strata and Walworth Road. Went to Strata which was full. Terminal said there were spaces at Hampton Street (err. no!) and also Walworth Road (which is just the other side of the road. Again, no!). It said there were spaces at Wansey Street… nope. So off I went to Rodney Road where it said there were 13 spaces. I got there to find 3 spaces – the first one I tried refused to dock, just made a grinding noise. Fortunately one of the other docks worked.

    Why has this got so bad lately?



    Kennington Road: full [reported spaces midnight last night per = 10]

    Hampton St: full but didn’t allow you to get 15 minutes free as didn’t think it was full [reported spaces midnight = 5]

    New Kent Road: full [reported = 6]

    Dickens Square: full [reported = 6]

    Harper Road: full [reported = 3]

    Swan St: full [reported = 8]

    Great Dover St: full [reported = 5]

    Bricklayers Arms: full [reported = 21]

    Bermondsey St: full [reported = 8]

    Tanner St: full [reported = 6]

    Reported full by other cyclists: Long Lane, Empire Squre, Borough High St, Hop Exchange, Tooley St.

    Tower Gardens, where bike (two of us actually, so bikes) finally dumped reported as having six free spaces although there were only two. Our two bikes are recorded arriving on oobrien. Curiously, although we filled it up, it proceeds to fill up slowly further as the night goes on. Very peculiar…

    The statistics quoted on oobrien agree to the reported available spaces on the terminals.


    The one plus is I spoke to more strangers in London last night than the rest of the year combined…



    This is the same issue as covered in this thread It’s not just a South Lonodon problem its present across the whole system. At 11:45 today Drury Lane was showing 14 spaces. When I got there 10 minutes later it was full. Nipped up to High Holborn which showed as 2 spaces but that was full as well but still showed Drury Lane as half empty. Rang Serco and pointed out fairly forcefully that thee were a gross discrepancies system wide. He undertook to advise on street & directed me to Gt Russell St, which was showing spaces as was Montague Place – both full. Eventually found another rider undocking in Earnshaw St and was able to dock.

    Returning to the office the usual inbound check @ Carey St showed Breams Buildings had loads of space – arrived 20seconds later to find it full. Breams is presently reporting on the website as 12bikes/12 spaces, a check out of the window suggests there might be 2 spaces – certainly way more than half full.

    Reported issue by email earlier in the week and still waiting for a response.



    The barking computers I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere. It’s the complete lack of anywhere to park that really surprised me.

    Almost as though Reclaim the Streets had taken all the bicycles south of the river, like grass snakes eating frogs…


    like grass snakes eating frogs…




    Replying to @Bromptonaut‘s post:

    With you now MM!!



    The docking stations software sucks big time!!!. I usually dock at Vauxhall Cross (or I hope to dock). On my way to V’hall often check the status of this station at the Albert Embankment which is about 30 seconds ride!. It usually says there are a few empty docks at the V’all Cross. but when you get there often turns out that there is no single empty docking station.



    Full docks outside of the central area?? Not sure I understand…

    If you find docks full near to Elephant / Waterloo areas would you mind awfully cycling up to Paddington, leaving your bikes there then taking the tube back? It’s becoming a desert 24/7 in the North West Region of the scheme. I’ll even top up your Oyster Card :)



    I’ve been having the same problem at Shad Thames, but also north of the river at Great Tower Street and Lower Thames Street. It used to happen occasionally but has definitely got a lot worse in the last three weeks or so. I logged on here to raise the issue and am very relieved to see that so many others have got here first! There are times when I feel I’m the only person in the world without a smartphone, and I assumed most people used apps nowadays rather than relying on the terminal (mis)info.

    On that note, I would be interested to know whether the app is significantly more accurate than the terminal – and if so, whether that tells us anything about what’s going wrong.



    I’ve found both app and terminal data to be equally inaccurate.



    Yes – all routes to information have all appeared to be equally inaccurate, whether on-terminal, call centre or iPhone.

    Can’t put my finger on it as, in general, the outskirts still appear to empty in the morning and the centre still empties in the evening but the dock-by-dock info just never appears to be 100% correct any more.



    If you think about the data flow, it’s all going to be right/wrong to pretty much the same degree:

    Dock > Datacentre > Website > Mobile Apps


    Adi Toni

    Very infomrative posting thanks alot keep it up!!!


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