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    I now live overseas, but was back in London at the weekend for the Olympics.

    I used to commute by bike every day (still an LCC member to support cycling in London) and had to do some persuasion on my girlfriend, but we got going and it was great fun for both of us, much more fun than when I used to cycle “professionally”.

    Part of it is that you can’t go fast so just amble along.

    Also, the other Boris bikers (especially fellow tourists) definitely slow down the traffic and make it feel safer. It’s like Critical Mass by stealth.

    Zuzanna was initially nervous, but on our trips we cycled round Westminster Square and then down the length of Oxford Street before ending up cycling down the embankment from Chelsea Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge.

    Brilliant !



    Do you mean Parliament Square? Both this and the Embankment are part of my regular commute, though when I worked near Oxford Street I tended to use the back streets to avoid the crush of buses and taxis, and pedestrians.

    Today the Embankment had loads of Games cars and coaches on it. Other traffic was less than usual, so it was a rather nice journey.



    Hello everyone!, i am newbie .I love cycling ……….

    Hope i will get some new tips here from all of you guys to improve my cycling speed.

    Thanks in advance :D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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