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    Transport for London (TfL) have teamed up with cycling blogger Andreas Kambanis of London Cyclist to provide some amazing leisure routes created by Andreas.

    The four new Barclays Cycle Hire leisure routes explore London’s parks, markets and architecture – perfect for exploring London on two wheels during the long summer days – and maybe find some hidden gems…!

    All four routes have been designed to by completed using Barclays Cycle Hire and vary in length and difficulty so there is something for everyone! The maps feature docking station information and offer turn by turn guidance though some great locations including famous parks, shops, markets and architecture!

    You can see the new routes at this address:

    What do you think of them? The independent shops and markets one looks quite appealing to me seeing as I’ve done most of the west end already! I think I’ve sorted my free weekend out now…

    I must say that I’m pretty impressed by the maps and route plans on the site!

    Remember – Some roads or cycle paths may be affected by temporary closures or changes during the 2012 Games (Olympic Games 27 July – 12 August 2012 and Paralympics 29 August – 9 September 2012). Check Get Ahead of the Games for more information.



    I would be more impressed if the entire route was a protected cycle lane, particularly through traffic.

    The idea is great but only actual physical infrastructure protecting the route all the way along would make it a resounding success – my opinion.



    These bike routes look interesting! The Spotcycle app also created bike routes all over London. Some of our members also created their personal bike routes. FYI, Spotcycle is bike-share app that Barclays Cycle Hire users can use. Here is an example of a bike route:

    New bike routes conceived by our users are always welcome!



    Endomondo is a new “usergenerated-gps-tracking” app for running and cycling (think NIKE+) it also contains local user generated routes.

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