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    Thanks to somebody’s FOI request, TFL has just provided a full list of proposed docking stations for the expansion. City is extremely under-represented unfortunately, but there are a LOT in Westminster.

    There is a linked PDF on this page



    This is great Ozzage, thanks for sharing :-)

    What’s interesting about that list is how many of those locations are in so-called ‘nicer areas’ (perhaps those who actively campaigned against docking stations first time round). Disappointed there’s only one City location being added though.




    Wow! Blanket coverage of Soho! No extra stations in Covent garden though?

    Very jealous of tower hamlets!



    Replying to @cyclingnewbie‘s post:

    Actually there is one on Henrietta Street – so Covent Garden has gone from “terribly terribly dismal”, to only “terribly dismal”



    Lots of useful (for me!) additions in Camden:

    Gray’s Inn Road (North)

    Bury Place

    Crestfield Street

    Gray’s Inn Road (South)

    Brooke Street,

    Red Lion Str.

    and City, Southampton Buildings.



    And there’s the 400 + target promised by next spring!

    The recent opening of the Waterloo Station mega dock has been quickly followed by:

    Harriet Street Knightsbridge (27); Harrowby Street Marylebone (16);Kensington Town Hall (18); Sardinia Street Holborn (24) and King Edward Walk Waterloo (22)

    Serco appear to be working overtime !!!!



    Alexander Baxevanis

    Hi there,

    I’m the developer of Cycle Hire App for the iPhone and the person that sent the FOI request to TfL. I have asked them to provide a more detailed list including geographic coordinates, so we can plot it all on a map.

    One reason I wanted to know their plans is so I can track when they apply for planning permission for all these sites. When the first batch of stations were planned, a few of them were blocked by ‘concerned local residents’ using ridiculous arguments. This time, when TfL applies for planning permission, I want to motivate people who live or work in the area to write to the council and support the new docks.

    When I manage to get something up, I’ll announce it through this forum :)





    For those of you interested in the proposed docking stations in Tower Hamlets, I’ve just posted a few photos of the maps that were on display at the roadshow last month. I had held back from sharing these before as they said they would prefer it if I kept them to myself but now the list of sites has been released there doesn’t seem to be any reason to hold back any longer. Although the photos aren’t wonderful quality you can get a good idea of exactly where the sites are planned. There are several docking stations proposed for the Canary Wharf estate too but these aren’t included on the map. Nor can I spot them on the list for that matter. There were definitely ones outside both entrances to the tube in the squares.

    Tower Hamlets Proposed Docking Station Sites



    Thanks for all your efforts Alex, and sorry for stealing your thunder and posting it here :)



    New docking station just gone in off Kingsway, on Sardinia St. Right outside the LSE’s New Academic Building (formerly The Public Trustee’s Office)


    Dan Thomas

    I want to be happy about this, I hope it’s not just an olympic gesture that will see South London continue to rot and fester without



    Just came out of the BFI and saw a new docking station called Waterloo Bridge on the roundabout in front of the old Royal Hospital for Children and Women with just 15 docking points and one solitary docked bike.

    Assume it will open tomorrow?

    Still way short of the 350 docking points for Waterloo promised by David Brown, the Managing Director of Surface Transport at TFL last October and with of course no clarification as to why?

    We must be grateful for small mercy’s though! LOL



    Out and about on my Boris bike tonight.

    Prince Consort Road is live now, though rather a small number of docks. That said, another dock is under construction on Queens Gate not far from the junction with PC Rd.

    About 25 docks installed near Lambeth Bridge (south side), not in use yet last time I was there.

    Any other news?



    Out for lunch in Soho today and noticed docks being installed on Moor St and Frith St. Can’t be ready soon enough as there are nowhere near enough in this area!

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