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    Replying to @mudchute‘s post:

    All true, but that’s the “other” Shepherds Bush extension. The mini-extension to Westfield is indeed about to launch but the real western extension through other parts of Hammersmith and Fulham will occur along with Wandsworth, as far as I know.

    The borough of H&F has been collecting ideas for sites.



    Yesterday I found a new dock (not yet live) on Ladbroke Grove, presumably part of the Westfield extension. It’s a bit of an outlier though, the map on the terminal shows no other new docks nearby. I work next to Campden Hill Road dock and was hoping for more going west along Holland Park Avenue, but no sign yet. Hansard Mews is installed now on the west side of Holland Road, but damned awkward to get to if you’re coming from the east rather than south.



    Replying to @martinc‘s post:

    These are the proposed locations to look out for:

    Abbotsbury Road, Addison Avenue, Elsham Road, Hansard Mews, Holland Park Gardens,

    Holland Villas Road, Ladbroke Grove, Lansdowne Walk, Penzance Place, Portland Road,

    Walmer Road – Plus 4 Westfield shopping centre docks



    Thanks – I did a cycle round today and have written up what I found on my blog. The sites which don’t have new docks at the moment are: Addison Ave, HP Gdns, Holland Villas Rd (much too posh), Penzance Pl, Portland Rd. I assume Russell Gdns has replaced Elsham Rd.



    Had an interesting day – went to Moorgate from Vauxhall Walk and saw the newly sited Moorfield’s dock, which although having a massive 54 points, 28 are not available for some reason?

    Around the corner Fore Street Avenue which I used last week when it was opened, is now strangely unusable and surrounded by fencing? In Fore Street adjacent to it a young couple were struggling with the one release code syndrome, which I clarified for them.

    In going to St Pauls I accidentally went the wrong way up King Edward Street (whoops) only to pass a sizeable new dock surrounded by fencing.

    I docked at Newgate Street close by and which was very busy. The couple from Fore Street were also there and now having problems trying to get out new bikes, so I had to explain the 5 minute rule.

    Rode past Sainsbury’s New Fetter Street dock and onto High Holborn and then the New Oxford Street stretch, where there is a really neatly placed new dock in Bury Place, but not yet live.

    Probably take me 6 months to cover the new extension area when it opens next week, but being retired there is plenty of time – LOL



    Another docking station (not yet live and not on the original proposal list) has appeared in Kings Cross – Northdown Street the Pentonville Road end and with 21 points -and its quite close to the station.



    New Docking station opened on King Edward Street (Postmans Park) but now the very busy Newgate Street (St Paul’s) is closed !!!



    I docked at a new dock called Somerset House today, it is under Waterloo Bridge on the river side of Embankment, and has 41 docking points. It was a nice surprise as I knew nothing about it until then.



    Earlier today saw Serco staff attaching metal “not in use” plates to 32 points of a new docking station on Kingsway at the end near The Aldwych.

    And in Chelsea the scheme continues to quietly extend westwards with a new 18 point dock ready to go live in Limerston Street, next to The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital



    Late this afternoon on the way to Chelsea and Westminster hospital, saw a large TFL bike scheme hoarding at the bottom of Drayton Gardens by Cineworld on the Fulham Road – on further investigation saw the foundations of about 30 points, so looks like a few weeks before completion. But it will eventually support the growing number of docking stations in the area, including the newly opened Limerston Street where I eventually docked.



    new station has popped up this week on new cavendish street in marylebone near the junction of Harley Street.

    Also saw a new station under construction at Green Park Station.

    On a related topic, can anyone remember where the link is to the map of proposed new sites – I thought I saw a map with a new station near Fitzroy Square but can’t find it now.



    Strata, Southwark, finally re-opened late yesterday weeks after a major cable, which had been damaged by a contractor street lighting firm and which electricity also fed the docking station, has now been repaired. Also opened are Drayton Gardens in Chelsea and Abingdon Green in Westminster.

    Last week saw a new dock in John Islip Street, Pimlico, (the Horseferry Road end) being constructed, – strangely at the time the whole road around it was fenced in?


    A Freedom of Information request has been made to TFL for a list of proposed cycle hire docking stations withdrawn or refused planning permission (of which there appear to be over 150) the response for which is due by 21st April



    Had an interesting day riding around Hoxton and Haggerston.

    Picked up a bike at Hoxton Station and rode to Regent’s Row in Haggerston, which is a very busy dock by the Regent’s Canal and the interesting Broadway Market,itself undergoing major road and pavement upgrades. A new dock was proposed at the London Fields park end but there is no sign of this at present.

    In Queensbridge Road by the side of Haggerston Park a considerable stretch of road has been marked as Cycle Hire Scheme and there is some contractor fencing on the pavement but nothing much going on.

    A new docking station, Pitfield Street North, by the Britannia Leisure Centre in Hoxton is now fully built but has been the subject of much controversy over its delayed opening – De Beauvoir councillors have tried for several months to get TFL to give them a date without even a response – they decided to change track and wrote to a Hackney cabinet member who has been able to inform them that the delay has been due to problems in organising a power supply to the site – apparently a problem for several other stations within Hackney which are yet to open! The council are now actively pushing TFL for the outstanding sites to be opened ASAP!

    Just an observation – looking at the map of current docking stations and TFL advising that they are on average between 300 – 500 metres apart, there seems to be a distinct lack of them along Westferry Road, Narrow Street, The Highway and Cable Street.



    I fully agree about the lack of docking stations on the Westferry Road especially. The one on Spindrift Avenue seems to be extremely popular as a result. There’s often someone at the pod sorting out a casual hire. Narrow Street doesn’t surprise me that much as the residents there were up in arms at the Cycling Superhighway too so doubtless they objected to planning applications. Canary Wharf itself seems to have ample docking stations and would appear to be coping with demand which surprised me a little but there’s also a bit of a docking station desert by Canary Riverside. It would be wonderful if they opened one by Canary Wharf Pier – great for the restaurants there and great for those going to the Virgin gym there.

    I’m not quite sure what’s happening to the one at Mudchute Station or the one inside Heron Quays station – they’ve been finished for ages but still not open.



    What I would like to see is many more bikes on main roads. There are some places where there is so much pavement space or clutter that it could be easily accomodated but borough councils keep vetoing it. When will we have docking stations (and cycle parking) where we actually need and use them?


    Oxford Street

    Tottehnam Court Road

    Torrington Place (woefully absent)

    St Pauls


    Procter Street, Holborn

    Cavendish Square (also woefully absent)

    Goodge Street

    There should be docking stations near some central London tube stations as they are in constant use e.g. people travelling TO Blackfriars on their way home, also serve those travelling FROM Blackfriars home. There is a constant supply and exchange of bikes – where docking stations allow it – in keeping with scheme ethos. When docking stations are hidden away only those who know where they are end up using them – usually commuters. Can we not have more visible, on street, on main busy road docking stations where people can actually see them being used and get see them as a viable mode of transport?

    Churches, places of worship, leisure centres, police stations and places open 24 hours should have docking stations right outside. They are in constant use. Same for colleges and universities such as Birkbeck and UCL. Same for shopping precincts and doctors surgeries. Where are these in the planning stages?

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