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    It was great to see the announcement about the southerly and westerly expansion plans. Can’t wait. However as noted by the ‘Docking Station on the Mall’ thread there’s plenty of gaps in the central zone. Presumably the expansion will put even more pressure on docking/avail bikes during the morning rush.

    Am sure most visitors to this site have places about where they’d like to see extra capacity and/or more docks. Here’s my (almost entirely selfish) list along with a note or two by way of justification.

    1) The Mall. Justification: solidarity for the petition and clearly there’s a major gap in the area. Ideally add two – there’s plenty of space on Horse Guards too.

    2) Mercer Street, Covent Garden (or anywhere else in Covent Garden for that matter). There’s plenty of suitable locations. Justification: it’s a boris bikes desert, yet surely one of the highest demand zones.

    3) Corner of Parker Street and Kingsway. Justification: Always a high demand area. Would also help supply Covent Garden.

    4) Jermyn Street. Justification: not enough docks in this area

    5) Lambeth Palace Road (close to the Westminster Bridge Roundabout). Justification: There’s a gap here too and would surely be welcomed by staff/visitors etc to St Thomas’s hospital

    6) Double the size of Vauxhall Cross docking station. Justification: It’s always empty by 8am, always full by 6:30pm. There’s loads of space to expand it.

    7) Anywhere around Farringdon. Justification: there simply are not enough docks here.

    8 ) Corner of Grosvenor Road and Aylesford Street in Pimlico. Justification: there’s a bit of a gap. And it’s handy for the gym I go to.

    9) Tooley Street (London Bridge end) Justification: extra capacity for the station, Borough Market and fills a gap

    10) Whitehall (near the junction with Parliament Square, on the “river side” of the road) Justification: not enough docks, masses of tourists, handy for HOP. Presumably no chance due to aesthetic and, I suppose, security reasons.



    Please keep up the pressure everyone by signing the Mall petition.

    I support all David’s other suggestions. A Jermyn St dock is unlikely, the St James area is very resistant to allowing docking stations. The comment on Farringdon also applies to the areas around Blackfriars and Cannon Street stations. A dock outside St Thomas hospital does have planning permission but has not yet been built – no idea why. Whitehall I feel is also unlikely, a plan for one at Portcullis House was abandoned, though there is a dock at Abingdon Gardens which was a success of parliamentary lobbying.



    Yesterday I went to the Roadshow detailing the new docks to be installed in the scheme’s next phase – I’ve done a full write up on my blog.



    They need more docks south of the river, in the west. A few docking stations around Stockwell,Battersea Park and ideally nearing Clapham would be brilliant.

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