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    Had a lovely ride across from Paddington to Clerkenwell this morning on 21620. As you can probably guess from the number, it was brand new, no creaks or groans, no squeaky brakes and just made me remember how nice these bikes can be when in tip top condition… :D



    Had a ride on one of these new bikes on Saturday from the 21000 range, picked it up at Hyde Park, it looked so shiny and new. Found the ride a bit hard going for a new bike, when I docked it in Soho was surprised that the rear lights were not working and the back wheel was hard to turn, :roll: I red lighted this new bike. :? I usually check but didnt this time.



    Yes, the 21000 and also 22000 are a much smoother ride. Saw bike number 22222 the other day….which looked very……symmetrical!



    Amazingly, the seats are really easy to move up and down and actually stay where you put them?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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