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    I foolishly thought the charge was £1 for 24 hours then let you pay for my bike, which I then kept for 6 hours. I want to reimburse you! Please let me know if you read this-if you can give details of our conversation I will arrange to meet you in the same place and pay you back. Feeling terrible about this!




    Well done for posting – I hope for the Irishman’s sake he checks the forum!



    Does anyone have any other ideas for trying to contact this person? The scheme won’t let me pay his charge because of Data Protection. I know the Metro has a ‘messages’ section but do people actually read that?



    Basically I think you will struggle but good luck.

    Is there any possibility he uses the same docking station regularly? Might be worthwhile putting up a note/poster with a (throwaway temporary) email address that you can be contacted on.

    Might be worthwhile phoning the Call Centre and asking to speak to a Senior Manager to see if they could contact him and offer him your email address or phone number. Due to the way of the world nowadays I can see them being worried about acting as a middle man, setting a precedent, etc, etc but you never know.

    All the best,




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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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