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    For an article for a London based website (LondOnline, which will be launched next week) I am interested to know what you consider as very rude cycling behaviour and whether you have experience (accidents, scolding you etc.) with cyclist being rude.

    I would really appreciate your comment!

    thank you, Gemma



    Just cyclists being rude? Or people being rude to cyclists? Most of my cycling experiences are made up of rude behaviour aimed at cyclists, rather than coming from them. There’s usually a fair bit of cameraderie between cyclists.



    Gemma, before I started BorisBiking I too believed those tired stereotypes. My experience is that “real” cyclists have been overwhelmingly kind, even protective, towards me as I wobble along the road.

    Taxi drivers are another story entirely…



    Super, sounds like that article will really help the cyclist’s image in London. Be sure you include some comments about those evil non-helmet wearing cyclists, throw in some statistics about cycling accidents, and get a quote from someone saying we should all pay “road tax” and get insurance.

    Sorry, but there’re enough negative articles about cycling. Write something about how fantastic cycling can be in London, how healthy and friendly most cyclists are, and how more and more people are choosing the bike over any other forms of transport and I’d love to contribute.

    I’ve experienced plenty of rude behaviour from car, van, and taxi drivers…..fancy writing an article on that?



    I’ve had a few rude encounters…

    One time a wobbly cyclist (all helmet-clad and with hi-vis etc) had a go at me for overtaking him on a boris bike. He proceeded to wobble along the road and I had a fairly unpleasant exchange of words with him (which he started) that ended in him threatening to kill me, but I sped away at the traffic lights and left him for dust.

    2 days ago a taxi driver tried to overtake me by being on the wrong side of the road, and had a go at me saying I was in the wrong place, and I pointed out to him that he was on the wrong side of the road and I was merely crossing the road from where the bike dock was to the correct side of the road, and then I told him to chill out because it was sunny, and asked if his passenger was happy with his behaviour. He later got stuck in a queue of traffic.

    Once I was skating on the road and a stupid cyclist just ran into the back of me instead of going around me. It was on a quiet Sunday afternoon, no traffic and plenty of room to go around me, but they were trying to make a point that I don’t belong on the road on skates.

    My opinion of many cyclists is very low, despite being a cyclist myself.



    I’m afraid I don’t have any stories to share about other cyclists being rude to me. Just the motorized traffic. And rude doesn’t really describe it. I would use words like aggressive, dangerous, impatient, selfish… Oh, and polluting!




    Thank you so much for the comments – I would be interested to hear some remarkable stories of where cyclist have been extremely polite. For example by forcing cars to stop to make sure an old lady can cross the street etc.




    Now we know you’re trolling…



    Perhaps I’m in the minority but I’ve very rarely had experiance of rude behaviour from drivers, but then I generaly follow the rules of the road…

    How many of you experienced this ‘rude behaviour’ after going through a red light etc?



    Rude cyclist? Me? I just ignore everyone, so I have no idea what’s happening around me! :twisted:



    Replying to @gmmvdk‘s post:

    Assuming you are not a troll:

    Did you smoke something? A cyclist forcing motor traffic to stop without good reason and in an unpredictable manner (ie unlike at a zebra or traffic lights) would be both stupid and dangerous.

    Especially as cyclist usually don’t have bright stop lights.



    Replying to @bbb‘s post:

    Be sure you include some comments about those evil non-helmet wearing cyclists

    Hehe. You won’t get me wearing a helmet for the sorts of slow short runs I do. Nor will you get me going all “HiViz” – but I do put a reflective band and/or rucksack cover for night riding.

    Not sure why everyone including policemen and road workers need to be all bright and shiny in broad daylight – but I’m old fashioned…

    I expect a good flaming now.



    Replying to @timjwatts‘s post:

    It’s health and safety gone mad! Round my way even the kids walking to school wear hi-viz.



    I was rude once, but only because I felt unsafe.

    I came up to a light that had just turned green and a cyclist who had not dismounted his bike but was waiting on the central reservation, set off to go with the passing traffic without warning (presumably waiting for a gap between cars), except he didn’t look properly and failed to see me. I shouted ‘WATCH OUT FFS’ which caught his attention. He stopped dead, let me pass and then answered ‘Use your bell then you moron!’ There would have been a collision in the middle of moving traffic if neither of us had stopped.

    Think of it what you will. I hope my rudeness was unpleasant enough that he’ll remember to give way to traffic passing through a green light next time he decides to dart out without looking.



    I once helped a pedestrian up after he got hit by a speeding (I say speeding as in going fast rather than exceeding the speed limit) cyclist who didn’t want to brake when he saw the pedestrian in the road. In fact, the cyclist rang his bell and shouted from some way off (plenty of time to stop) and the pedestrian was on the phone/oblivious to the cyclist. He was an elderly gentleman so might have just been confused or something.

    Unfortunately my polite/kind act was while I was a pedestrian rather than while I was a cyclist. I seem to get consumed by some kind of cycle rage when I am on 2 wheels, so I’m probably just as bad as all the cyclists I rant about myself.

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