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    Hey all, ‘London Cycle: Free Maps & Routes’ ( by us at FIPLAB Ltd is the best selling iPhone/iPod app for the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme and its free! Prior to our big update to version 1.2, we have just added live cycle availability data to our app. We are now the first and only app on the AppStore offering both cycle-optimised routes and live cycle availability data!

    When you simply click on a pin, you will notice in the Capacity section, for example, ’11/16′. This means that  out of a total of 16 bikes at that hub, 11 are available and 5 slots are free/5 bikes are not at that hub. At present, the app would have to be closed and re-opened to refresh cycle data, as we cannot edit the core code of our app without it being first approved by Apple. So as it stands, live cycle data is available, but the app has to be manually relaunched for data to be refreshed. 
    With version 1.2, which is due in a week’s time or so (depending on the length of time Apple takes to approve it), you will see the data presented in a more coherent and user-friendly manner, with automatic refresh rates.
    Please do get back to us with any feedback, or write to use directly on
    Thank you and ride safe!
    - The FIPLAB team 
    Download London Cycle for free:

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