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    I normally do a quick trp frm Lambeth rd to vauxhall station. The one on the 14th took 1 hour. I dutifully checked my app and yes 18 spaces at kennington rd rail bridge no problem I thought till 5 minutes later found it was FULLl. Checked across the rd vauxhall should have 9 spaces FULL. over the bridge to pimlico and with a supposed 20 spaces FULL. by this time was meeting up with a few more people doing the rounds all saying every where is FULL. Got on the phone to complain and was told they cannot see the docking data and said look at the terminal to find the nearest space. told them myself and half a dozen others were doing just that. Finally they agreed to get a mobile unit down to kennington lane to free up some spaces. Cycled back over the bridge and HISSSSSSSSSS yep you guessed a puncture. At this point I was pondering weather the £300 charge to throw the bike in the river would have been worth it to vent my anger.. So there I was with a knackered bike and nowhere to dock. Finally after waiting 30 mins at kennington lane serco arrive and the six or seven people waiting with me finally get to carry on with their journeys. I know this post is almost as long as The delay I endured (not bad for my first). But I feel better for writing it.. I am sure I’m not alone in loosing confidence in the system and asking for a refund of my annual membership.. Happy bb every one

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