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    I docked a bike, hit the faulty button and went on my way. A few hours later I couldn’t undock (I tried two stations) so I called the helpline. They told me that my journey from earlier was still open (even though I got a green light and i was able to register the fault).

    The call centre clown told me i would be liable for all fees until an engineer could come and manually check the bike. I asked when that would happen, she said maybe tomorrow. So I could have a £50 charge on my account with no chance of refund (and no bike access in the meantime).

    I demanded to speak to her supervisor who said that was all nonsense, and if i was nearby i could verify the bike was docked myself. So i travelled across london, they put me through to the tech team who told me to lift the back wheel up, it didn’t undock, so they manually closed the journey for me (so in fact i could’ve lied about even being at that docking station).

    What a waste of 2 hours of my life, and a lot of stress simply because: the system is appalling; the staff have little training. Sort it out.



    The call centre staff seem friendly but have never successfully resolved any of my issues. It seems they have little in the way of technology to interact with the docking stations; they just rely on out of date information.

    For example… I could not get a bike from Lambeth North the other day, it seemed to me that the reason was the docking station had lost communication with the central brain and was not able to check subscription status. The call centre had no useful advice and were unaware of the state of the docking station (i.e. if it had called home recently etc).

    In the end I relocated and found a docking station that was working.

    IMHO Polite but pointless.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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