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    After a week of hell for Boris Bike users (docking station data not updating, difficult to dock and undock, no redistribution) has something suddenly changed?

    In the past 24 hours, every time I try to undock the light goes green almost before I finish taking the key out of the slot. 2 seconds flat. It’s never been the fast.

    Happy cyclist here!



    Hmm. Lets not speak too soon. But my own experience today (and the latency data – see other thread) is certainly good today. Let’s see how long it lasts….



    Replying to @urban‘s post:

    Exactly! I noticed that it goes green straight away, but then uesterday my key stopped working all together….

    Back to service as usual



    I’m almost afraid to say anything in case I jinx it, but I agree that in general the system seems to have been a lot more reliable and responsive in the last few days. I have been able to get a ticket immediately after every ride, though my activity log on the web site is still incomplete/out of date.



    Simple answer why it’s working …. less people using it … all they have to do is keep up the problems, put more people off using it and the system will return to workloads pre summer.



    Replying to @chineseJohn‘s post:

    Don’t think so…



    who the hell knows what is up with the system

    last night I tried my dongle in the terminal – it got reject for both journey print and balance review. it says my dongle is “not valid” whatever that means.

    However – I was able to get a bike out.

    what the hell!



    I am finding it is going green immediately AND there seem to be spaces at docking stations that always used to be full.



    I’ve had green lights in under about 10 seconds for about a week now. I must have used a dozen different docking stations in that time too, so it doesn’t just seem like luck to me.

    My guess is they have finally fixed (although never admitted broken) the caching of members details at each terminal. Either that or a huge number of annual members haven’t bothered renewing.

    It would be interesting to get some inside info on what’s going on.

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    mine attempts to get bikes out has been much quicker successful this week.



    I suspect there is a drop in numbers of users using the bikes as the summer holidays is here. I’ve noticed a massive drop in commuters on my train into London.



    I work near the Inns of Court and it’s like tumbleweed here. The courts are currently on a two month break, but where do they all go for two months?!



    That’s true – but was also true 2 weeks ago when the system didn’t work at all! Looking at Olly O’Brien’s usage map a lot of bikes are being used – its the summer after all!

    Maybe less of a commuter spike but still 800 or so bikes in use yesterday afternoon/evening.



    another successful evenings hire… 5orange and green.. much quicker and 4 continuous successful hires.

    whats changed?



    Having returned from holiday last Thursday, I too have also noticed a huge improvement in the reliabilty of the scheme and amazing quickness of the bike release – except for the major 2 hour hiccup on the 12th. And re-distribution seems a little better organised.

    NOTE: On the 3rd June, Andrew Miles Government Relationship Manager at TFL issued Serco with a ‘Critical Improvement Plan’ requiring them to undertake a swift but comprehensive ‘discovery phase’ to determine the breadth and depth of the issues identified by TFL. Following on, TFL proposed a series of actions to remedy each issue with associated timescales. (BUT the details of which Serco and TFL are ONLY privy to – not us members and taxpayers – owners of the scheme) And these were to be delivered by the end of July 2011 – and in the meantime a 5 million payment due to Serco was being held back subject to these improvements taking effect.

    Maybe this happened in a recent software update but I can find no announcement of this nor it’s detail?

    Perhaps TFL’s next request should be a re-write of the user unfriendly and time consuming casual hire process which I am convinced must account for 75% of the Help Desk calls?

    In 2011 who ever heard of having to insert a CC/DC into the reader a minimum of 2 times for one transaction? 3 or more if two or more bikes are required to print the release codes! I regularly see and help those that struggle to understand what is happening and invariably going wrong!

    And perhaps the auto-renew process for members could also be a docking station menu option to reduce the problems it seems to cause mainly for 24 hour members?

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