(How) should I avoid the pavement when the docking station is on it?

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    So, normally I ride my own bike to work but on and off I use a Boris Bike. Here’s the thing — I use the docking station at Holborn Circus, having ridden down Charterhouse St past Smithfield. The station is on the right on the pavement. I can’t think of any way of getting to it which doesn’t involve riding on the pavement, short of getting off the bike at a very busy junction and wheeling it across two roads and along the pavement. And then guess what, the station is full, so I have to go round the corner to Hatton Garden, again wheeling the bike back down the pavement, or jumping back on to get to the road and pedalling back down the street.

    If I ride to work, there is a sort of path that goes over High Holborn that seems like a path for cyclists but cuts across the pavement. Should I walk over that too?

    TLDR: I feel bad riding on the pavement but the station is I use makes it almost inevitable. Am I a bad person?



    Use your common sense – if the pavement is deserted then it can’t harm to ride your bike – but if the pavement is full of pedestrians it’s actually their space (unless it’s a shared space of course) so get off and push.



    Replying to @Speeds_UK‘s post:

    Unfortuantely, cyclists are oft vented against for using common sense, but once again (as is the case when ignoring most cycle paths or in some cases red-light-jumping) it is the best solution to a problem caused by apathy and unaccountability.

    If you either have to contend with angry X ton vehicles fighting amongst their-selves to get 1 meter in front, or cycling considerately on a pavement, then it is an easy choice. Once again, it is due to lazy, pathetic planning and design that is sadly acceptable in our soundbite-society but don’t let that take its natural course in putting yourself at risk. Just be considerate to others and go about your way in a safe and courteous manner.



    Thanks, guys, for your thoughts. I’m glad it’s not just me. I like the idea of courteous common sense. I must admit I got annoyed yesterday when at some lights a cyclist tucked in tight to the left of me, then on green raced away by cutting me up. In my car that would have made me furious, but on my bike I just thought he was showing off, so I guess I’m more inclined to cut fellow cyclists some slack, but I’d have preferred him to be more considerate.



    I’d go round Holborn Circus to Hatton Garden then walk over pavement. Alt go west along Holborn and then double back over the cycle crossing between Fetter Lane and Leather Lane.



    I’ve noticed some docking stations have started to have drop kerbs on the side of the traffic which is excellent.



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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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