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    I’ve taken to writing my own text based script .. http://boris.elyob.com/text.php … this allows me to figure out quickly myself how poor the data is .. I also don’t really need a full map taking ages to download to show me this info …



    The data does seem to be much better today.

    Even Waterloo 1 was accurate when I got the only available cycle there at lunch.

    It green lighted almost instantly, and then just to keep the karmic balance, got a puncture on Tottenham Court Road (My first mechanical failure while on a BB).



    It has been raining all day, so the usage will be well down. It is clear from dbrb2′s fantastic site that the big latency problems are occurring during the busy times of the day. This implies it is a central computing problem rather than due to comms problems at the docks.

    It is appalling that that hasn’t been fixed by now – clearly a hardware upgrade in their computer centre is required and they just don’t want to spend the money?



    The problem is happening with the apps but also with the docking stations themselves.

    @Dougoliver I have encounter a very similar situation (in the same location) twice already. The stations seem to get filled up (presumably by Serco) certain days after about 9pm. In their thoughtlessness they don’t seem to leave any (or enough) empty spaces for people using the bikes after they have come. And yes the data at the docking stations don’t help. I am glad to report that it didn’t take me over 1hr to find a space though it took my longer than my trip from the other side of London…



    Wow the latency data is looking good today – and usage is high. A miracle (or did TfL hear about your plot and start spoofing it?!)



    The plot is looking good – the glass half empty side of my brain needs to point out that regular updates do not necessarily mean accurate data – but that part is hard to monitor without a webcam pointing at a docking point :-) However you look at it, something which was causing problems earlier in the week seems to have been fixed.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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