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    Have any of our resident data geeks spotted this new page:

    I’m not sure how often it will be updated (the page says “regularly” ??), regardless I think it would be really interesting if someone could write a script to scrap the data and feed into into some sort of online graphing tool.

    Who’s up for it?

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    I bet the folks at UCL casa (Olly, Martin etc. ) will already be on the case.



    Did anyone do the graph, or at least recorded archive ‘raw data’ and made available online?



    Replying to @Boris‘s post:

    TFL have now decided to update these facts “monthly” (see web page) – I kept complaining they were not being updated regularly, assuming at the time that meant weekly.

    Have you looked at Ben Barker’s I think it is an excellent site and the scheme statistics he supplies for each dock are very interesting – I’m guessing however that the average hires and docks calculated include non-revenue movements? And I’m also guessing if a “go live date” exists for each dock this would have given even greater accuracy, since the date installed he uses is very unreliable and sometimes weeks before the dock is actually live- indeed there is also a default date of 1970-01-01 01:00:00 used on at least 30 docks.

    These statistics and the map itself regularly highlight careless errors – wrongly sited docks, spelling errors, associated village names omitted, erroneous village names shown, erroneous installation dates etc I have emailed TFL frequently about these and finally just this week they have been referred to senior managers and I am told new controls put in place

    Of course this may not be what you were looking for at all – and I apologise for wasting your time.

    Note: Ben’s basic site map page sometimes shows the world view as the zoom bar pointer has not defaulted to the UK position – there are no contact details given to advise him of this occasional problem, which takes a few moments or so to correct.

    FYI – The TFL Docking Station Status web page has also improved enormously this week and is now more reliable. (Except I notice Notting Hill Station is shown as a new dock, but was actually reopening having been extended to 30 points – it also shows on the same page as still out of service – another email – LOL)



    Replying to @Ruzzi‘s post:

    Hi – glad you like the site. Actually there is a contact email there – bottom left hand corner.

    The zoom problem came from the page automatically fitting in all sites. Some are published with a lat/lng of zero, hence the massive zoom out. I have let TfL know and also put a fix in the code to ignore these sites.

    The date installed field also comes from TfL – and is often empty – that’s where all the 1970 dates come from. I’m trying to ask them for a more up to date list, as I asusme they must have a commissioning list with dates somewhere…




    ,,,ok: ~20 of the sites in the syndicated feed have no install date. TfL must have this info, since they installed the things! I have emailed customer support to ask for the missing data to be fixed, but imagine it could take a while.

    If anyone has the install data to hand, it would be very useful!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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