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    A guy in a black Merc almost knocked me down the other day, since when I have been thinking about getting a helmet. It’s a pain because I am already carting my computer and gym kit about.

    Someone (the AA?) was giving helmets away for free. Is this ongoing? If not, is there any sort of helmet that people recommend or are they all much of a muchness?



    … And let the pro/con helmet nonsense begin

    The cycle hire scheme were doing 25% off when I signed up last year. Not sure if they still are. it was an evans cycles voucher that I printed.



    Quote “the cycle hire scheme were doing 25% off when I signed up last year.”

    That’s what got me off the fence and into the store to buy one.

    I’ve been using a “Specialised” brand with a wheel thingy at the back to adjust the band.

    Feels completely natural now.

    In the beginning I think helmet use was more prevalent. With the increase in usage it seems noticeable that there appear to be less users wearing helmets now.



    .. And let the pro/con helmet nonsense begin

    Oh, so true. But as all you sensible, balanced readers will surely agree, it has to remain a totally personal choice.

    I used to be a regular Boris biker. The success of the system proved, for me, to be its downfall. I couldn’t stand the inability to get a bike when I wanted one so went out and bought a Brompton. Best money I’ve ever spent – absolutely love it.

    But here’s my two-pennyworth on the helmet debate. While I was on Bobi’s I never had a helmet. Now, on the Brompton, I wear one. Drivers definitely behave differently towards me (for the worse), when I wear a helmet. Why? No idea, but they get closer, take more risks around me, expect more of me etc when I’m helmeted. And the suburbs are 10 times worse than central London.



    I reckon that helmets are one of those things where it’s probably sensible to wear one (I like my brain), but not sensible to make it compulsory to wear one (cos it puts people off cycling, and my brain has more chance of surviving if more people cycle). I do wear one most of the time on boris bikes, but not always – I don’t let the lack of one stop me grabbing a bike. Personally, I don’t notice much difference in drivers behaviour, but I ride only in the central area, and mostly on back streets.



    An on the lighter side (for us), I wonder how “more risky” this idiot would have been, had he wore a helmet?

    There again, I think he needs a darwin award, or atleast something to go with his hipster-moronic (oops, ironic) gear.



    you can get folding helmets now so they are less bothersome when not on your head… perfect for Boris users i reckon…



    Most research suggests a helmet won’t do you much good over about 12mph anyway.



    I am showing in the english ring at rated shows (such as the National Western Stock Show and the APHA world show) and I was wondering what type of helmet I should get. I will be showing in classes such as hunter under saddle, hunter, jumper. etc, equitation, etc… Should I be getting a velvet helmet or a non velvet helmet.

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