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    A couple of weeks ago some friends and I though it would be great to use the boris bikes to see the city that we live in properly and have a good cycle around London city. We were all under the impression that the bikes were just £1 for as long as you wanted which we though was brilliant. It was only until the day after that we found out that there was a usage charge which was quite a substantial amount for some students with not so deep pockets. When we had the bikes they were taken out for more than 6hours which happened to cost £50 which they took from my friends and my account. Considering that we were all first time users I have heard from people that you are able to claim a refund if you are a first time user and you are unaware that there is a usage charge after the initial £1. Is this true can you get a refund if you are a first time user and you wasn’t aware of the charges



    You can call the contact centre & ask, but it does say on the docking station (and on the screen during the hire process) that it’s access fee + usage charge.

    Plead ignorance and you may just get away with it….



    The bikes are not free. Whenever did you find a transport solution (other than walking) in London for free? Ever? Public transport costs money to maintain so they’re making money out of people like you. Bikes really are £1 AS LONG AS YOU

    KEEP UNDER 1/2 HOUR for each dock-to-dock journey. Cushty! You can do as many journeys as you like within 24 hours AS LONG AS EACH JOURNEY IS LESS THAN 1/2 HOUR.

    The writing is on the wall, next to the bikes in fact. Note, if you want to do a journey longer than half an hour park the bike in a dock for 5 minutes and then you can get another one. It can be done :)

    Have fun! Good luck! :)



    £1 for 24hours access

    FREE for 30mins usage within that 24hours.

    costs go up from there.

    I do occasionally see bikes locked up against pubs and venues way out of the docking zone and I wonder what people think they’re doing or getting charged.

    Your best bet is to say you docked it up and it wasnt recognized! or there was a wierd noise when you docked, or there wasnt a green (or red) light!



    Oh right 8O thats exactly the sort of behaviour we want to recognise isnt it…

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