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    A journey around the outer perimeters of the Boris Bike scheme.

    Although living in Scotland, I’m in London reasonably regularly and have been an enthusiastic if occasional user of Boris Bikes since they were first opened up to casual hires. Not long after the scheme started I cycled round the docking stations that were furthest West, North, etc and had a great time. Last weekend I decided it was time to do it again following the expansion of the scheme earlier this year. As well as the 4 most extreme points I tried to establish stations that were mid-points between each to keep me out on the perimeter.

    That gave me the list below. Starting at 11:01 I’ve shown my arrival time at each.

    Westfield Library Corner, Shepherd’s Bush: 11:01 W

    Grove End Road, St. John’s Wood: 11:48

    Castlehaven Road, Camden Town: 12:16 N

    Regent’s Row, Haggerston: 13:10

    East India DLR, Blackwall: 14:29 E

    Napier Avenue, Millwall: 16:09

    Kennington Oval, Oval: 18:07 S

    Limerston Street, Chelsea: 19:05

    Westfield Library Corner, Shepherd’s Bush: 19:42 W

    Please resist the temptation to laugh out loud at my total elapsed time of 8 hours and 41 minutes (which does include a 46 minute lunch break at Canary Wharf). I’m a 50 year old overweight Scotsman who literally takes no form of exercise apart from my occasional Boris Bike jaunts so speed was never what the day was going to be about.

    Lack of fitness was combined with the mad idea that I would do what I did first time around and navigate only by docking station and bus shelter maps rather than hauling my cumbersome laptop out of my rucksack, waiting forever for it to boot, etc, etc. This led to me overshooting the entrance to the Rotherhithe Tunnel by a mile and a half (have you ever tried to find that thing!) as well as chasing shadows looking for Napier Avenue, Millwall and Limerston Street, Chelsea.

    Anyway, I managed to get round eventually. I did 10 separate hires and incurred a hefty £14 in rental charges. This was mainly down to paranoia that my debit card was going to freeze and my trip would have to be abandoned half way round which happened to me on a previous attempt.

    Highlights were:

    The technology. This worked perfectly this time around and hopefully the glitches are out of the system.

    Riding the Regent’s Canal (and missing out the hell that was Camden Lock Market on a previous attempt).

    Riding the Hertford Union Canal out towards the Olympic Stadium. A lovely quiet route.

    The Rotherhithe tunnel! (as a one off – I wouldn’t want it to be part of a daily commute).

    Finding mythical bike 22222 available for hire at Walworth Road, Southwark.

    I was walking like John Wayne the next day but all in all it was a great day out.



    Amazing idea. Well done you! This seems to be the new Tube Challenge. http://www.tubeforum.co.uk/rules.html

    Also – get an iPhone ;)



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    Replying to @footsteps‘s post:

    You did well! Puts me to shame x



    Replying to @jinglouis‘s post:

    This made me laugh, a lot. My french is not that good. Here is what google translate regurgitated:

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    Whatever. It made me laugh and I’ve had a long week. :)

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