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    short version:

    got only red lights, called, reached overflow call center (“is there something wrong with my key?”), no call back. They charged me anyway. Called again, reached overflow call center again, waiting for a reply.

    longer version:

    Enventually I’m really getting frustrated

    uh, and I cannot log on to the website as well, again. It always asks to reset the password, but does not accept a new one….

    [this should be moved to the "Hate" section but I don't know how to do this]

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    redfalo, I sympathize. I still use the bikes, but less and less because of various problems; red lights, no bikes, too many bikes, fill in the blank. Using the bikes last summer was so simple by comparison, wasn’t it?!



    Completely agree with you. Used to be such a fan but now it’s just not working anymore. Very, very disappointing.



    Moving outside of the Boris Bike zone a month ago was my best incentive to stop relying on BBs. Now I have my own bike which takes me everywhere a lot faster and it’s MINE.

    I just use BBs on an opportunistic basis now. Which is about once a week. I still like them and like having the option to use the Tube, bus, trains or BBs. But relying on them is a nightmare.



    It’s really a pity to see a scheme, which should be easy to operate and maintain, suffer so quickly. It’s becoming like the Tube – you are grateful if it works and gets you there.



    I still use them twice daily weekdays. I do get in to Waterloo early doors however so there’s no problems with bike availability and *touch wood* I haven’t had the red light fiasco for a couple of weeks now (that’s tonights trip home cursed then).

    The software clearly isn’t up to the job and I hope TFL/Serco/whoever address this soon.



    Replying to @yorkiebar‘s post:

    The software clearly isn’t up to the job and I hope TFL/Serco/whoever address this soon.

    I’m not sure they have the budget to do so

    On a more positive note – I am pleased that the bikes are generally in better condition than they were. I’m guessing this is to do with an influx of newer bikes which make riding a pleasure, compared to the state some of them were getting into. Onwards and upwards!


    andy from embsay

    It’s such a shame – the scheme just seems broken now. I come into KX a few times a month, arrive at about 10 – now there are never any bikes anywhere to be seen. The activity log simply doesn’t update any more. The only bikes I can find nearer to KX than the office are red lighted.




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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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