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    Last night, a group of friends and I were in London for a mate’s stag do. Of course, the logistics of a Sunday morning journey home are somewhat awkward as the first train home isn’t until well after 8am! Come half past five we were flagging and running out of ideas to keep ourselves occupied. We then came up with the idea of getting a Boris Bike and cycling to the station, where we would wait for the train. This seemed like a fun idea at the time, but by the time we started cycling, we thought we should probably visit a few landmarks. We cycled through Piccadilly Circus, down the Mall and to Buckingham Palace, past the Houses of Parliament, along the South Bank via the Millennium Eye, over the Millennium Bridge to St Pauls, and then finally to London Bridge.

    From what could have become an anticlimax to the night, we had managed to find a memorable conclusion – one that just wouldn’t have been possible several years ago. It was also wonderful to see some of London’s most beautiful sights from a completely new perspective. Thank you, Boris Bikes!

    I also feel that I should add that we had all sobered up by the time we hired the cycles, and recommend that anyone attempting anything similar acts in a responsible and safe manner, as we endeavoured to!

    Pausing for breath at the top of the Duke of York Steps, The Mall



    So did you cycle down those steps? Or just pose there for the photo? :wink:



    They were drunk, of course they cycled down it ;)

    (Brilliant photo btw)


    I also feel that I should add that we had all sobered up by the time we hired the cycles

    Liar liar pants on fire (if you were wearing any)!

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