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    This thread is to report areas of central London which have an inexplicable lack of docking stations.

    To get things started:
    Covent Garden – No docking stations in entire C.G. area
    Liverpool St Station – Nearest station 8 minutes away (Spitalfields)



    @cyclingnewbie, I just spotted this tweet by @AMonkster 

    @borisbikes theres plenty around Liverpool Street that are closer than Spitalfields.

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    Ooops! I feel suitably pwned. 

    More importantly – what is that iphone app he is using?! It looks light-years better than the one I have got.
    Edit: The app is Bixou! Excellent. Best one I’ve tried so far (but not free, 69p)



    There’s a Bermuda triangle south of Lower Marsh Waterloo down to St George’s Circus and over to Southwark tube – very sparsely populated with docking stations

    I heard in one case at least that it is down to residents objections to docking stations being built (Waterloo Road)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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